Types of Stainless Steel Grades Used in Name Plate Manufacturing Industries

Stainless Steel is available in various types and grades for multi-purpose usage right from commercial to industries. Scientifically, SS is a group of iron-alloy which has nickel, manganese and chromium and a collective of other elements which in turn highlights its resistive nature.

The properties like thermal conductivity, corrosive resistance are high only when the chromium content in the metal is high; naturally, it has 10.5% of chromium within it.

Types of Stainless Steel Finishes

Whatever may be your product formation out of stainless steel a finish to it is always recommended. An attractive and perfect finish will always enhance the appearance of the metal. Also, different finishes can give you different visual effects thus choosing the right choice of finish should always be clear based on the standard industry designations.

Here in this blog, I have listed three top finishes that are commonly used in the industries which could help you demand when you plan to make any product like name plates, tags, signs from the SS name plate manufacturer.


The main advantage of using polycarbonate as a raw material is that they don’t lose their appearance even after poor handling. With that, they are versatile in usage and are chosen for its bright and lasting color. These stickers are available in various textures and are embossed with different adhesives and are mainly used in tags to maintain their scratch-proof resistance.