Anodized Aluminium Name Plates Manufacturer

Being a well-established organization we are prominent in manufacturing anodized aluminium name plates with various label designs. This aluminium is applied in warehousing, labeling, name plate designs and in various indoor and outdoor applications. The anodizing process is done to protect the nameplate with clear visibility, in turn, increasing the durability.

As an Aluminium Anodized Name Plates manufacturer, we use high-grade aluminium as the raw material which withstands hard abrasions and is ductile in nature to be bent and embossed with various patterns. You can customize your aluminium name plates in various sizes, shapes, and colors during the order process.

Best Anodized Aluminium Name Plate Manufacturer

We will fabricate your aluminium name plates through affixed methods where the anodized aluminium seals the graphic on the metal substrate for secure attachment. We will provide every name plates with the perfect complexion, appearance and of great finishes.

We are prior when it comes to soft-edge finishing, you can choose the matt or gloss finish to increase the texture of the metal and we assure to provide the best among all.

Products Of Anodized Aluminium

We have installed aluminium name plates printing machines in our domain to fabricate the best nameplates. This anodized aluminium outstands when it comes to service life and is opting for its durability.

Some of the products that we offer include door name plates, electronic name plates, bay plates, labels, signs, and sheets. All the products are anodized with the perfect handling.

  • Color Anodized
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Indoor purpose