Aluminium Weather Proof Name Plates Manufacturer

As a leading aluminium name plate manufacturer in Chennai, we produce and supply the latest and most recommended configurations of name plates to all our customers. Our name Plates comes with various designs and structures that are commonly used in industrial and commercial areas. We manufacture this plates at high quantities engraved with design techniques due to their flexible and durable nature. Also, the magnetizing feature of this aluminium name plates is “corrosion resistance” with respect to its sturdy and dense features.

You can customize this plate by selecting the appropriate template provided by us along demanding the size requirement. Our aluminium plates come with both thick and thin attributes embodying equal quality measures with soft complexion.

Fabrication of Aluminium Weather Proof Name plates

We are one of the most name preferred aluminium name plates manufacturer and also the best dealers when it comes to trucking. These metal plates prevail in the body of the equipment purposely to add an impression among people which never goes unnoticed.

When it comes to product exposure like brand or logo the name plates are the best-opted ones. They high lighten the value of the product like a serial code to increase the products decorative value. As a manufacturer, we will carefully fabricate and design name plates concerning the life based on the environment tolerances.

Being an Aluminium Name Plate Manufacturer we offer you to personalize your size, color, and dimensions during order and work accordingly to bring your visions true.

Mounting of Aluminium Weather Proof Name plates

Since they withstand all weather conditions you can choose to present them both indoor and outdoor. As per our opinion, these name plates can have 5yrs of service life if properly fixed and maintained. It looks even better in appearance if you hung them with a standoffs or else you can drill a pilot hole to do so.

When delivered, choose a right place to install or set them for perfect visibility. Aluminium name plates can affix abruptly anywhere i.e. whether in standoffs, dry walls or concrete walls.


You can clean your aluminium name plate twice a week with a soft cloth or with a mild detergent. Regular cleaning of the name plates will result in extra service life with the best visibility. Don’t use any sharp materials on name plates to avoid scratches.

Cutting designs

Our domain is installed with various equipments that allows the name plates to attain unique appearance. These name plates can be pressed, knifed to shape or cut through the laser depending on the gauge. Our standard pressing tools are available in rectangular and circle with appropriate radius corners and mounting holes. We also fabricate pressed tools to meet your specific designs. The end process of the name plates will be cutting and cropping of the corners in different shapes and embossed with text or color.

Various Applications

Because of their attracting finishes they are widely used in applications like branding, information boards, identifying boards etc. Also other than nameplates we are involved in making,

  1. Barcodes and QR coding
  2. Control centers
  3. Monitoring consoles
  4. Analytical equipment, devices, medical equipment
  5. Automation and Construction
  6. Business cards
  7. Chain tags
  8. Compliance tags

Distribution of products

We highly-guarantee to deliver the products at the right time once fabricated. But the fabrication time will differ based on the raw materials used. Whether you require various new designs, colors or models we can provide your dream name plates matching your imagination with high-quality among all other aluminium name plate manufacturers in Chennai.

Products we offer,

  • Deep Etched and Painted
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Outdoor resistance
  • Durable