SS Name Plate Manufacturer

We offer custom-made stainless steel nameplate with latest designs and styles based on the industry standards. This widely used raw material is chosen for its contemporary feature, visibility, and durable nature and can be easily surface-printed and etched with long-lasting clarity using various adhesives. For their abrasive capability and scratch resistance feature they are used in manufacturing steel tags, signs, data plates, serial plates, information plates etc. that are not only non-corrosive but also withstand high atmospheric temperature.

Thus, as a stainless steel name plate manufacturer, we are specialized in making the production based on your requirement and desired appearance and protect the finished product with over-laminate films, such as pre-masks and pre-cleans.

Engraved stainless steel name plates

As a leading SS name plate manufacturer among various manufacturing industries, we are antecedent when it comes to pattern. We engrave every pattern carefully according to the requested font and features such as additional effects, heavy-duty requirements, and high-temperature environments with experts who are professionally experienced.

The etched name plate is a different one and it includes the process of etching the markings or letters into the metal using a mordant or acid to make it discernible even when the ink or paint fades. They are highly durable and used mainly outdoors since they possess high UV resistance. The main advantage of these plates is that they can be fabricated any fancy size easily for the usage of the office and door steel name plates.

Also, another feature of these SS name plates is chosen for their outstanding significant features like reduced heat damage, chemical damage and a high resistance to corrosion. As a manufacturer, we assemble this stainless steel to appear thin with compromising attributes like high duplex grade material to add extra strength to it.

 SS Name Plate Manufacturer

Products available in stainless steel manufacturing

“Bharat Metal Process” has laid its footprint firmly before three decades in name plate manufacturing and evolved as the most trusted manufacturer of stainless steel. We have skilled experts as a SS name plate manufacturer who are prominent in fabricating and creating innovating template and patterns to make the product eye-catching.

All the raw materials are tested for its quality and service life before engraving to present it well. We motif each plate with scratch resistance focusing on smooth finishing and use powdered materials to provide shielding application for some of our industrial customers for high-duty service life. All the products are availed with different patterns and some of them are given below,

The list of products which we offer are,

  • Surface printed
  • Numbering
  • Steel tags
  • Stainless steel signs
  • Blank SS tags
  • Stainless steel name plates
  • Slide stainless steel plates

The stainless steel name plates we offer are fade-proof, come with a fine finish, and are color-fast. Because we know that your time is precious, we will swift your order as soon as possible.


Stainless Steel Nameplates can be done fixings using screws, self-adhesive or can be used as a plain one without fixing. Domed or flat covers are used to supply larger nameplates and we don’t recommend self-adhesive for large ones.

Hardwood bases are supplied with wooden base fixings, screws and universal wall. We ensure that we don’t warp the product using these.


Since the stainless steel is made of 316 grade it is highly-durable and resists to scratching and rust but a simple maintenance is always recommended.

Wipe the nameplates from time to time with a clean damp cloth and if occurred a stubborn stains on the plates we recommend you to use a metal polish that will restore and maintain its appearance.


Some of the applications that are included in SS name plate manufacturing are,

  • Food processing
  • Mining/Drilling equipment
  • Heat equipment
  • Asset tags
  • Rating plates
  • Medical/Autoclave tags
  • Lifting and rigging tags
  • Wire rope and chain tags
  • Instructional Markings
  • Machine Tags

You can also use these name plates for many other applications both in commercial and industries. To find out more about the highly customizable metal nameplate, don’t hesitate to Contact Us and we will happily help you find out whether or not our SS name plates are your best choice for what you need.