Tag Plates Manufacturer

Bharat Metal Process is the best name tag plate manufacturer in the industry and is eminent when it comes to aluminium and Stainless Steel Name Plate and tag plates. These tag plates encompass various applications in industrial and offices and have the excellent abrasion. Both the raw materials used for tag plate manufacturing are dominance in its own characteristic accomplishing their peculiarity while fabricating.

We design, manufacture and deliver tag plates based on your obligation with tested and high-grade raw materials which are best suited for harsh environments. We bid for delivering the high-quality products at every attempt we enact.

Aluminium Tag Plate

The aluminium tag plate which we design is highly strong and durable in nature. High-Grade Aluminium chose for its versatile and light-weighted feature with high corrosion resistance. We manufacturer, tag plates provided with added gloss matte finishes increasing the texture of your product.

The main advantage of Aluminium tag plates is they are best suited to every environment with attracting identity possessed with a long service life.

Stainless Steel Tag Plate

The stainless steel tag plates outstand for its scratch and chemical resistance characteristics. These tag plates give incomparable clean and sharply detailed information of any product or advice. They withstand high temperatures and don’t fade at any occurrences moreover delivered after testing under various industry parameters.

Laser Marked Tags

Products of tag plates

Once the order is placed we will inquire about the details and propagations you demand and fabricate according to it. You can customize your products shapes, designs, and adhesives from your choice.

The products that are notable to many by us are laser etched stainless steel tags, custom engraved stainless steel tags, blank stainless steel tags and much more.

  • Laser Marked
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Outdoor resistance
  • Durable