what are the types of sticker labels used for packaging

stickers labels used for packaging

Applications of sticker labels used for packaging:

Each packaging component in the manufacturing and industrial sectors is required for branding and product satisfaction. Sticker labels are one of the many aspects that contribute to packaging design. They are an excellent way to convey important data while also enriching the visual look. Bmplabels has different kinds of self-adhesive sticker labels used for packaging, including vinyl and polycarbonate stickers. 

types of sticker labels

Vinyl Sticker Labels:

Vinyl stickers' main advantage is their flexibility and strength. The labels are composed of a plastic material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Let's take a deeper look at the several applications and advantages of vinyl labels

a. Outdoor Endurance:

Vinyl labels are especially suitable for outdoor usage because of their great resistance to bad weather conditions, UV rays, and moisture. These labels maintain their shining colors and bonding properties, making them sufficiently complacent with products that are of frequently exposed to severe environments.

b. Customization and Vibrancy:

Vinyl labels can be customized to different shapes, sizes, and colors giving manufacturers a chance of producing attractive packaging. Besides these labels can be laminated to gain more resistance and glow more attractive and durable.

c. Versatility Across Industries:

due to The color spectrum for Vinyl labels is used across the automotive, food, and beverage industries for its clear visibility. They are often employed as trademarks, safety instructions, product labels, barcode labels, and others.

Polycarbonate Sticker Labels:

Polycarbonate sticker labels are well-known for their high strength, durability, and versatility. Polycarbonate labels have outstanding characteristics and are suitable for the following applications: A projection model given with raw depth and intensity images produced more accurate predictions.

a. Durability and Chemical Resistance:

Polycarbonate labels can withstand severe temperatures, UV radiation, humidity, and even exposure to harsh chemicals. This durability allows the labels to maintain their inviolability and legibility even in harsh environments.

b. Superior Clarity and Print Quality:

Polycarbonate labels have the highest clarity, allowing for precise printing of complex graphics, logos, and information. This makes them an excellent alternative for electronic gadgets, appliances, and high-end products with complicated product details.

c. Enhanced Tamper Evidence:

Polycarbonate labels are advantageously used for security sealing. They can also be designed with additional security features like holograms or destructible parts that expose if the product has been tampered with, providing reassurance to makers and customers.

The Benefits of Using Different Product Labels

Shrink Labels:

Additionally, these labels are referred to as ‘shrink sleeves’ as they closely shrink around containers it is easy to apply after being heated and. They are made of a polymer plastic film which is extraordinarily tough. If you wish to have brilliant graphics for your products this label is ideal. They are available in gloss/matte finishes as well as various colors, so your goods become visible, most of all on bottled drinks.

Pressure-Sensitive Labels:

Such are those tiny labels that you normally find in bottles, jars, and tubes. They stick on easily since they have an adhesive on one side. You can pick from different materials, textures, and colors to make your goods stand out. You can do coatings, inks, or laminations to make them stand out.

In-Mold Labels:

The labels are rather special since they are created along with the container during production. They get mingled with the container substance making them super resilient. You frequently see this on product names like in laundry detergent bottles. They are protected by the packaging material and so they last long periods hence perfect for warning labels.

Dry-Peel Labels:

They are easy-peel off making them great for promotions that include instant-redeemable coupons. They are often on food packaging offering bonus deals or contest entries. The great thing is you can peel them off to get another label underneath, keeping your customer interested.

Reseal Labels:

The names suggest that these labels are used to seal a product once the package has been opened. Such items as lunch meats and snacks are well sealed in those, keeping them fresh even after opening. They have become popular nowadays due to their multifunctionality and practicality.

Thermal Labels:

These labels will change color when heated making them distinctive. They do not use ink or toner like ordinary printing; rather, a heating element conveys text and images directly onto the label material. They’re excellent for long-term printing, especially in hot conditions. In addition, there are thermal transfer labels that use ribbons for even more durability.


In packaging, branding, and communication respectively, sticker labels act as important components in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Vinyl and Polycarbonate sticker labels are obvious multifunctional choices for numerous purposes. Vinyl labels have better outdoor endurance, customization, and versatility, and Polycarbonate labels provide durability, chemical resistance, clarity, and tamper-evident. By understanding the distinguishing features of these labels, suppliers can intelligently choose the labels that will suit best their specific packaging requirements, thereby guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction and brand presentation.

The right choice you make of Vinyl or Polycarbonate sticker labels from Bmplabels can make all the difference to how your product will be viewed in the market!

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