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Superior Name Plate Manufacturer of SS Name plates and Tag plates

Bharat Metal Process is one among the leading Name plates and Stickers Manufacturer since 1979 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We produce name plates with quality tested raw materials which are highly demanded in industries.

As a Name Plate Maker and name plate supplier, we construct and assemble name plates as per the Our Clients requirement meeting their demanded designs. Also, we fabricate products with excellence considering the quality which is highly recommended and valued for their cutting-end design, appearance, resistance, durability.

And that’s how we believe that, we have possibly earned the name as the best name plate Manufacturer among the industry.

Since we are involved in metal Name Plates In Chennai for almost decades, we have acceptable customers all over India who have committed with us trusting our products for a long run. Thus, revolving as a successful tag plate manufacturer we assure to provide the best rigid products for companies and homes like personalized office name plates and door signs- since our partners are one among the name preferred in industries.

Raw Material For Name Plate

Raw materials used in name plates

With our constant endeavour and resourceful expertise, we could offer a wide range of ingenious and creative products since now. We focus on providing both quality and excellence in every product we deliver. All the raw materials for quality testing before production to ensure product’s service life.

These plates are designed and produced by the skilled professionals to make it the best outcome. The raw materials that are involved in the name plate production are stainless steel,Brass Nameplate,and Metal Name Boards. Also, these raw materials are appreciated for their sturdiness and finishing capabilities. Another notable feature of these raw materials (brass, stainless steel) is that they are capable of withstanding in all environmental conditions with best durable nature.

Delivering Quality Products

Our expertise lies in engraving contemporary designs on various raw materials, allowing us to produce stainless steel name plates that are durable, stylish, and perfectly suited for a wide range of applications. The strength and resilience of steel name plates make them a popular choice for industrial settings, commercial buildings, and residential areas. In addition to steel, we also specialize in crafting exquisite brass name boards that add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any environment. These custom-made brass name boards are ideal for displaying names, addresses, and company logos, and they enhance the aesthetics of offices, homes, and public spaces.

With our state-of-the-art machinery and experienced team, we ensure that all our products, including steel name plates, brass name boards, and industrial name plates, number plate, industrial labels meet the highest standards of quality and precision. We take pride in our supremacy as a manufacturer and supplier of these custom-made nameplates, striving to make every design better and more attractive.

Quality Product